Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Seek You for I Thirst

I'd like to add another song we sang in our school as well as in our Church. This new age inspired version of Psalm 63 was the only religious song in the 1992 Ateneo Himigsikan Song Contest and won First Place. This was composed during a retreat. Jesus' love for us is overflowing and that He's always there waiting for us to return to Him. May this version of Psalm 63 inspire each of us to call and glorify His name. (Please feel free to click on the title to listen to the song.)

I Seek You for I Thirst

Though many times I run from You in shame
I lift my hands and call upon Your name
For underneath the shadow of Your wings
My melody is You

O Lord, I seek You for I thirst
Your mercy is the rain on the desert of my soul

O Lord, I raise my lifeless eyes and see Your glory shine
How Your kindess overflows (REFRAIN)

O Lord, Your sanctuary calls
I yearn to be with You in the rivers of Your love (REFRAIN)


  1. ma'am, regarding my blog "If God be for us". I wanted to tell you what I meant was you two ladies inspired me and touched my heart. Your faith, your trust in God. The way you write about your faith in God is inspirational, that is what I meant. I DID NOT mean anything bad in my blog, it was meant to be a compliment. Please accept my apologies if I offended you. I took the names out of the blog if that helps. jesseb


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