Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why I Made This Blog?

I made this blog in the hope that none of my closest friends and relatives would know my feelings, hurts, pains, and what I'm thinking.

Unlike Facebook, this blog is my way of releasing, somehow, what's inside my heart and the probability that people I know will read this is minute.

I hope and I pray that none of my friends and loved ones would feel bad if I put something that will make them feel offended.

Again, these are just my opinions and my feelings. I can say anything and everything since THIS IS MY BLOG.


Missing Him

It's just been one day and I already miss my Yayabs. I'm used in getting out of work with him since we have the same shift. Be safe always and know that I love you sooooooooo much. <3

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is it a coincidence?

A month ago, a customer contacted because his software wasn't working. It was a great ordeal since the issue was something technical and it took almost 2-3 hours trying to get it work. I even wanted to surrender. He was so patient and kind as I was trying to get it work.

It wasn't until he told me that it's the beginning of a new day and said he's going to pray to prepare for the day. He also added, and I quote, "The Lord that I serve will reward you for you diligence." When he said that, I was deeply touched and told him about my troubles and hurts.

And so, he prayed for me.

"Lord let your light penetrate her heart. She release everyone that she holds unforgiveness. Right now Lord I ask that Your warm love flow into her, bring peace and love. Forgive her for any iniquity and wash her with Your blood. Lord I ask that you refresh her heart, mind and soul in Jesus name."

He also added that God sent him not because of the software, but because He needed to touch me and bring me back.

I ended up crying as I was releasing the stress and pressure brought about the bad things that I've done.

Two weeks later, another customer contacted and when I solved the issue, he said, and I quote, "Thank you. Jesus loves you and He has a plan for your life. Bye! C u in heaven."

I'm wondering if these are just a coincidence. But, maybe it's not. I used to be so close to God and I also shared with Him my hurts, pains, success, and happiness. It saddens me that I'm not like I used to be. If this is not a coincidence, then I guess it's God's way of telling me that He still looking after me and watching me every second of the day. Just like they say, there are no coincidences with God.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Dance

This is a story about my first dance with Rhyme.

It was my birthday.

We were on the beach, celebrating with my family and friends.

The outdoor ambiance made the overnight event enticing and fun.

As soon as people went home and family and friends slept, my beau slipped a message that we'd meet at dawn.

The alarm clock woke me up. It was 5 AM. Mama and Papa were still sleeping.

I hurried out from the beach house. I saw my beau standing and waiting for me to go out.

We went to the shore, secluded, with the night sky filling with endless stars. The cold breeze touched our cheeks as he was holding my hands. The dawn wasn't breaking yet. We sat down on a nearby brick bench. His eyes sparkled. It was a memorable moment as we talked about how the day went and how much fun we had.

I played some music on my phone. We sang, from Bruno Mars' Lazy Song to Perfect Two by Auburn, until he hinted for us to stand.

He put his hands around my waist and I put mine on his shoulders. Suddenly, the song went from pop to mellow, until we realized it was a song by Barbra Streisand. It was "I Finally Found Someone".

At that moment, it seems like the world stopped spinning. We were under the moonlight, with the sound of the waves chanting on the background while we did a slow, couple dance.

We managed to complete the whole song as the sky beamed its first light and with the sound of the seagulls echoed through the horizon. 

We sat down, with flushed cheeks and feeling some butterflies in my stomach.

It was my first time, but an unforgettable experience that I will never forget.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughts that are missing

It's been a a long time since I posted here. I miss writing. Well, not really missing it so much. But I miss sharing my thoughts. I miss reading other blogs. Maybe I should update this blog. Lol.

I'm here at my office desk, idle at work, and listening to music. This is the best thing working on a BPO company. You can access any sites unless they'll block it.

I miss my old friends/co-workers who used to work here. I miss the original RN wave-1 non-voice team. I miss chatting on the floor like we're doing nothing. I miss laughing with them. I miss the bullies. I miss when the bully bullies the other bully (make sense?). I miss hanging out with them. This makes me cry, but what can I do? Nothing is really permanent in this world. Good thing I still got my ol' good friends, adding up my Yayabs, who says he's going to read my blog, hehe. :D
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