Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughts that are missing

It's been a a long time since I posted here. I miss writing. Well, not really missing it so much. But I miss sharing my thoughts. I miss reading other blogs. Maybe I should update this blog. Lol.

I'm here at my office desk, idle at work, and listening to music. This is the best thing working on a BPO company. You can access any sites unless they'll block it.

I miss my old friends/co-workers who used to work here. I miss the original RN wave-1 non-voice team. I miss chatting on the floor like we're doing nothing. I miss laughing with them. I miss the bullies. I miss when the bully bullies the other bully (make sense?). I miss hanging out with them. This makes me cry, but what can I do? Nothing is really permanent in this world. Good thing I still got my ol' good friends, adding up my Yayabs, who says he's going to read my blog, hehe. :D


  1. Heyy nice to know a lil but about you…. Just ran down a few posts of yours… and yes, maybe you need to visit here more often yourself :P

    Just stopped by

  2. HMMM.... I miss them tooo juds..... I miss the old talks...

  3. Thought this blog was about amnesia. Hehe.. Galing ni Yayabs. LAB U!



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