Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diabetes Scare

When my cousin and I were roaming the busy streets of Manila, I'd always make sure that I have with me a bottle of water. It made me thirsty walking at a fast speed along with many people, commuting with different kind of transportations such as jeepney, bus, and train, climbing stairs going to LRT or MRT station or to the mall, and looking for stuffs at Divisoria or Baclaran and ended up feeling exhausted.

During lunch time, we'd eat one big meal, and yet, I'd still feel hungry at around 2 p.m. and, unlike my cousin, I had to look for a store to buy some snacks. It occurred to me that it's normal feeling to be hungry at that time since I've used up all my energy. Another thing that usually made our day delayed was my frequent need to use the comfort room. I didn't have any reason to alarm since my intake of water is increased, therefore, the need to urinate has a reason behind it.

But my cousin, Cring, sensed that there is something wrong with me. With the knowledge that both my family sides have history of Diabetes, the risk is considerably and undoubtedly higher than those who do not.

Moreover, the three cardinal symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus is very much evident! And these are:
  • polyuria - increase or frequent urination
  • polydipsia - extreme thirst
  • polyphagia - extreme hunger
So, here's a little history. My grandma, Papa's mother, had been amputated a year ago because of diabetes. She also had a brother who was amputated years before and died. Moreover, my Mom was also diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, along with hypertension, increased uric acid, and high cholesterol two and a half years ago. Because of these diagnoses and it happened very fast, she had to be admitted and even stayed on the Critical Care Unit for 3 days. And when her attack came, she had be scanned (CT Scan) and undergo Cerebral Angiography (to check the blood flow or any blockage or hemorrhage in the part of her brain).

Therefore, I realize I really need to get rid of my bad eating habit and switch to a healthy, good eating habit. I always have a very good appetite and love for sweets, especially cakes, chocolates, ice creams, etc. But, if I don't want to end up like my Mom and my late Grandma, changes in what I've been used to must be strictly implemented.

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  1. Oo nga be careful. Naalala ko tuloy ung friend ko. Recently she told me lumalabo daw lalo ung mata nya. kailangan na daw ilaser. i felt so sad for her kc there's a possibility na she might get blind kung hindi aaksyunan. :(


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