Monday, June 1, 2009

Breaking Story: Air France Plane Missing

I've read in the Yahoo News today that there's a missing jet over the Atlantic Ocean. The plane has 228 people on board and vanishes from the radar during a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. Brazil began a search mission off its coast.

According to the report, "About four hours later, the plane sent an automatic signal indicating electrical problems while going through strong turbulence, Air France said. The plane "crossed through a thunderous zone with strong turbulence" at 0200 GMT Monday (10 p.m. EDT Sunday). An automatic message was received fourteen minutes later "signaling electrical circuit malfunction." (source: the Denver News)

Up to this moment, they are still searching for the missing plane. I sympathize for the family of the missing passengers. This news is really sad and heart-breaking. People are still hoping against hope. My prayers are with you. For anyone reading this, let us pray for the passengers and for their families as well.

Nothing is impossible with God.
Ad majorem Dei gloriam!


  1. Nabasa ko rin to last night. I'm terrified. Let's all pray.

  2. sad to hear that. is it related to some kind of highjack plane? hope not...

  3. @Homer: Yes, it's really a tragic news.

    @Rej: That's what we can do for now, to pray for them.

    @Jacky: I don't think so, Jack. There's no news about that. Even the US government has assured that this is not also a terrorist-related attack.

  4. Yeap, it is indeed not a hijack. Today the latest news saying that the plane probably had crashed due to lightning strike. Most of the passengers have slim chances to survive and all the authorites now start to deploy rescue to search them

  5. True. Oh, I really pity the families. It's just hard to think that you'll lose someone unexpectedly. But, you know what Jack, I'm still praying and hoping that there are survivors.


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