Monday, June 15, 2009

The Characteristics of the Happiest People

The happiest people are rarely the richest, or the most beautiful,
or even the most talented.
Happy people do not depend on excitement and "fun" supplied
by externals.
They enjoy the fundamental, often very simple, things of life.
They waste no time thinking other pastures are greener; they do
not yearn for yesterday or tomorrow.
They savour the moment, glad to be alive, enjoying their work, their
families, the good things around them.
They are adaptable; they can bend with the wind, adjust to the changes
their times, enjoy the contests of life, and feel themselves in harmony
with the world.
Their eyes are turned outward; they are aware, compassionate.
They have the capacity to LOVE.


  1. Hi Judie, I can feel you are the happiest person with easy friendly type. That's why happiest people have their beautiful faces just like you...

  2. It seems from image that you are very happy persons but I have family where people always in good mood and I think mine has happiest family.


  3. HMMM. Ryt! It never depends on what you have. It is always about what you can do for the things you have even if it is the smallest thing in the world.


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