Monday, June 8, 2009

The Message That Has Made The People Involved Mad

I wrote this message in my cousin's Facebook wall because I badly need her that time. I didn't care when I wrote this message that there would be anyone who will read this that will make them provoke or anything. During that time, all I was thinking was that maybe this time, just this time, I have to let it all out from my chest. I also have to think for myself, not always for others. Thus, I wrote that message. Because this message is true and there's not even a bit of a lie in this message. Here it goes.

"Hey Cring, I deleted all of them already in my friendster account, but they keep on adding me, esp. Naknak and Mary Ann. And remember Mary Ann? Yung asawa ng brother niya? She also sent me a message yesterday through friendster, and it says: "belated.. yah she's here sa manila.. but i don't like her.. feeling kasi.. hehehe..u tc..always.." You know naman siguro who she's talking to, right? Eh, I didn't ask naman about her! Lol, hindi ko alam kung ano gusto nilang iparating, but they keep on making a way to contact me even through my yahoo messenger, especially Atet, ung cousin niya and si Melay! Tsk tsk..."

Atet, my ex's cousin, called me a few weeks after. He was very upset and defended himself that he didn't send a message like that to me. So, I told him to read the message again. Might be he misinterpreted the message. Additionally, he even asked me to delete it from my cousin's wall. Thus, I asked for an advice from my close friends if I should delete the message. 99% of my friends said that why should I? If that's a true and authentic message, why delete it? So, I did what they said. I didn't delete it.

The first two days after Atet called, I was able to have a good sleep, but the time when I wake up, the first thing that comes in my mind was the fact that Atet hated me. I felt guilty and I even had the thought of deleting the message so that there would be no problem at all. I've never been in any trouble in my whole life, and I don't even have plans to get into any.

And, because of what happened, this is what I learned from this experience:
"Don't talk too much when your mad. You might say things you don't mean to say. Making a decision takes time, don't rush.
Life is like a chess, one wrong move and your game is all messed up.
Never let your pride ruin everything. It's better to lose your pride than to lose someone because of your pride."

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  1. I totally agree. Hayyysssttt!!! Thanks for reminding.


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