Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Pawned My College Ring In The Pawnshop

Two days ago, I went out to town to pass my resume in the call center I was applying for. My mom gave me money to buy her anti-hypertensive medicine. By the afternoon, my cousin and I went into this coffee shop to meet someone. Then, after the meeting, we attended a mass at around 5:30 in the afternoon. After the mass, we felt hungry, so we went to McDonald to eat something, then we parted ways. When I was about to go home, there I remembered I have to buy the needed medicine for my mom.

As I looked into my pockets to see where the money was, I realized I used her money and what was left was not enough to buy her medicine. My adrenaline suddenly rushed up. I had to think of a way or two to buy the medicine! Maybe I have to go back to my cousin and borrow money. No, I don't think so. My dad already borrowed some money from her and I'm not sure if he already paid her. I can't go home without the drug. What about my two ATM cards? Maybe I still have extra in it. And, so, I went to the ATM machine. The first ATM card I inserted was the card I was using when I was still employed. I felt relieved when the screen flashed 200 pesos in it. 100 pesos is enough for the medicine to purchase. Unfortunately, I couldn't withdraw the said amount. I tried to withdraw it all, but, still couldn't. Oh no! Maybe the 2nd card will help. Damn, no cash in it.

Feeling depressed about what happened, I walked in the town at around 8 pm trying to calm my already-calmed brain and thinking what to do next. Then, I suddenly saw the sign that says "Pawnshop". This is it, I thought. I had to sacrifice my only gold jewelry I was wearing that time - my college ring. As I was going nearer to the pawnshop, it was already closed. I still didn't lose hope. Maybe there were still pawnshop that open 24 hours.

Another blocks to go, there I saw the third pawnshop on my way, and good thing it was opened. I appraised my ring and the price was so good to resist and the interest was good, as well. So, I didn't hesitate to pawn my college ring. As I received the 2,600 pesos, I felt good. I went directly to a pharmacy and bought the needed medicine.

When I arrived home, I immediately gave the drug to my mom. And I didn't tell her what happened to me the entire evening. I thank my college ring for the help, but, I felt sorry at the same time for sacrificing it. I love my ring, but I love my Mom most.

My next agenda? Trying to figure out how to get my college ring back.


  1. Sorry to hear you had to give up your ring. Your mom is lucky to have such a caring daughter though. I wish you the best of luck getting the ring back.

  2. Judi-May, thanks for posting a comment on my blog. However, something went wrong and I lost it. I even answered and that too is gone. :D

    Sometimes this technology does weird things or possibly I may have to admit it is operator error. lol

  3. Make sure Get the ring back later... Your such a kind daughter we will pray for your mother. thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    To Fraleyb and Nitzky:
    After years of taking care of me, it's the least I can do for my Mom.

    To Ms. Lynn:
    Lol, yeah, there's probably wrong with this technology. No worries, I'll post the comment in your blog.

    Have a good day, everyone! :)


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