Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Real Story Behind My Ex-Lover and I

I’d like to start my story with a little history.
I had a boyfriend for six years. His name was Reu Lawrence and I loved him for who he was and what he’d done for me. I was very much happy with how our relationship turned out in those years and I was looking forward of what in store for us in the future.
Through these long years, I learned that a RELATIONSHIP has three (3) parts, namely: LOVE, TRUST, and COMMUNICATION.
I loved Lawrence very much and I trusted him with all my heart and soul. He was a guy who, in what my instinct was telling me, was a serious, very loving, kind, and understanding. He taught me how to love and to trust, and in return, I showered him my love and trust.
He even introduced me to his family, and also the same thing I did for him. His mom would go to our house sometimes and visit my mom and they would chat for hours. Sometimes, his family would invite me to go with them for road trip or even family vacations. The life I had was really a smooth breeze.
Until recently, things turned out the way I did not expect it to be. I tried to be strong and weighed things in a logical way. I thought I was one of the luckiest girls in the world, but I was wrong. Problems do really arise in any relationship, especially if there is a 3rd party involved, and my mistake was that I did not perceive it will going to happen.


  1. ok lang yan jud... you're going to London naman eh... in the end it's not your loss....

  2. Thanks, TR, yeah, it's true. I've learned something out from this experience, and I think that's the important thing about it.

  3. jud,dghan pa mas gwapo sa iya! hehe.. love u friend! mwahh..angel ni


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