Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Solutions

My last blog talks about how my ex and I broke up. And the reason was because of a girl. You know what, let me tell you something. Girls shouldn't go out to flirt with boys or men who are already in a relationship! Please, let's have some respect here. This man is, or was, the core of my being, the fire within me, and/or the reason of my existence. But, anyway, boys or men, on the other hand, shouldn't flirting back to that kind of girl. Ugh!

But after learning what happened, I asked our Supreme Being to help and guide me with this obstacle, to deepen my faith and to try to work things out.

I’ve learned that COMMUNICATION is a must for any relationship. Both parties should get involved and try to solve the problem, rather than escaping the problem itself and try to forget all about it.

HONESTY is a big thing for any relationship. If one has a problem concerning with the other, he/she should talk directly to the person, and not expressing his/her feelings to others, I must say. This process would help both parties not to create any chaos that might occur in the future. Like, rumors that might leak out and friends that would hate each other, in my case.

I also learned that I SHOULD NOT give my trust to others easily. Reminiscing what happened, I felt that I was being stupid not noticing anything. Thank goodness someone very close to me told me what was going on. I felt like I was a total idiot! I thought everything was okay, but the hell, why didn’t I notice?

Ironically, when I heard all about it, there was no anger in my heart, either to him or anyone. Maybe I was just trying to digest the facts. What’s in my mind was that I need to hear his explanations. So, we set off a date to try to clear things up.

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