Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lovapalooza 1 on Valentine's Day

Uh oh, it's February, and good thing I'm not pressured to go on dates to have a partner on Valentines this year. I could still remember the very first Lovapalooza, which was organized by Close-Up toothpaste, on February 13, 2004. It was a nationwide, lover's event! My lovey (back then) and I waited nervously and excitedly in the line along with other couples. (Well, actually, we were the few ones who arrive much earlier.) It was the sweetest, cutest, and the exciting moment, I thought, having your boyfriend and kissing him along with the crowd and be a part of breaking the Guinness World Record in the most number of kissing couples, thus, having 5,347 kissing couples in attendance.

And what's even more, there were also bands playing their songs, actors and actresses who, some of them, were real-life couples, and even the local politicians joined to witness the much-awaited event. And we've also got special tokens and special prizes were given to some couples. At exactly 12 midnight, all couples throughout the country kissed for ten seconds to break the previous record from Chile's 4,445 kissing couples record.

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