Friday, May 22, 2009

Buko Salad and Buko Pandan

The other night, I was making the two of my most favorite desserts: Buko Salad and Buko Pandan. My Mama and Papa brought home a dozen of coconuts from our farm, so they asked me to make they favorite dessert, the Buko Salad. But, since I also love Buko Pandan, they didn't have the choice but to spare some of the coconuts to make it as Buko Pandan. (Hey, I'll be the one who will make the desserts, anyway!) Thankfully, they said both taste so good (in which, I am very flattered, of course). So, here it is. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. (lol)

From this...

To this...

And, the best part is...TASTING TIME, by the cook herself!

Until next time! :D


  1. I can't help salivating... must be really nice. Yummy.

  2. Hey, that's not fair! I want some. I want you to be my daughter. I have four daughters, and they don't make me great things like that. One of them made me banana pudding, once, and left out the bananas. One does make very good homemade cinamon rools.
    Thanks for directing me to that blog. It is weird.
    Walk With Faith

  3. Yes, it's delicious and healthy too, Mr. Yeo Kee Hui.

    Lol, Mr. Gordon. I'm sure your daughters also do the same. Who wouldn't want to prepare something as good as a father like you, right? God bless you. :)


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