Friday, May 29, 2009

The Dawn Earthquake

I was in deep sleep last night when I felt that my double-deck bed was shaking. I was on the top and my sister was asleep on the below part. I called my sister, thinking that she made the bed shaking (a view from the mind of a half-awake, half-asleep person). Anyway, I heard my parents voice. And my Mom told my Dad that there's an earthquake. So, I also called out my Mom to let her know that I was awake. I felt that it's getting stronger, so, I decided to get out of my bed and hurried off to ask for help to Jesus. Before I could get out from the bed, the earthquake stopped. And, before I knew it, I fell into deep sleep again.

This morning, I've learned that the earthquake has a 5.7 magnitude intensity. We are 130 km or 80 miles away from the epicenter, which is in General Santos City. The earthquake happened around 3:51 A.M.

We are living in life with inevitable occurrences from nature. The Philippines, being a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, has a common occurrences for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Occurrences that humans couldn't able to stop even with the existing of new, high-technology equipment. What scientists may only do is to alert the citizens in a certain area for the possible occurrence.

Thankfully, there has been no casualties or any major damage. I've also learned that there had been the same 5.7 magnitude intensity that hit Mexico last week.

This would be my conclusion: We may never stop this kind of phenomenon and we don't know what will happen next time. We would not be prepared at all. No one is guaranteed to be 100% prepared. But, if we prepared ourselves spiritually, have faith, and know our identity as children of God, we can put our complete trust in Him. Ad majorem Dei gloriam!


  1. yeah you're absolutely right! i love the last part!

  2. Amen to that sister. That In Jesus he will take care ur body and soul. In bible say even there are thousand lay died on your left and right but If jesus not permited you will not die.

  3. True, aurenfl. If we will have complete trust in in the Lord, He will take care of everything. God bless us. :)

  4. Even in Luzon last April, me and the Koreans felt that. We are happy no casualty in that dawn earthquake.


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