Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beware of E-mail Scams

In the past 2 weeks, I have already received 3 e-mails saying that I won million of pounds in the UK Lottery. I am not surprised with these scams anymore. Actually, I already received something like this last year from Australian Lottery, as they said they were, only to find out through searching the internet that there were also people like me who received such fraudulent activity.

Here is the message I have received from the Australian Lottery Inc. last year:

Here are the others email I receive these past 2 weeks:

Anyway, I'm going to share what I read on the thread which I read last year.

1. You should not reply on these e-mails.
2. You should not provide them with your identity (e.g. name, nationality, address, telephone number, etc.) since what they really up to is your personal identity.
3. What they actually do is "PERSONAL THEFT". So, better be careful.
4. There was this case of a woman who replied on this kind of email and the officer of the Lottery asked her to pay for taxes to claim her prize. She did what the officer told her to do. And, to her dismay, she didn't receive any of the said prize.
5. I observed that the 3 emails I received were from people whose names were appear on the "From" column, and not actually from the proper organization in which they represented.
6. One question will actually come in your mind: How come you won the lottery that you didn't even participate with? Sounds really fishy, isn't it?
7. My suggestion: Report these kind of scams, or better yet, delete them immediately from your Inbox.
8. And if you have any suggestions, or if I miss something important, please don't hesitate to post it or share it.


  1. actually it is better that you don't open them - that mean in preview also... they often include virus or worms that steal you information of your computer. just delete without opening unless you are sure of who is sending the email. also make sure you have a very good anti virus, anti spam program active on your computer

  2. Oh, thanks, GingerV, for that wonderful suggestion. I've never thought of it. What my problem is, I have been applied for a job on the net, so I have the tendency to open all my emails. Maybe I should be vigilant next time on opening my emails. Thanks again for that word of advice. I really appreciate it. =)


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