Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You for the Roses!

When my Mom and I went to the wet market, we passed by in this flower shop, and I was shocked when Mom started to run toward this person in the shop whom I didn't know! It's happened that this person was my Mom's long distant relative, and also the owner of the shop! As I was looking around, I have found beautiful flowers -- from orchids to roses, and daisies to lilies -- they were all very wonderful and beautiful. I was surprised when the owner gave me a bundle of roses in different colors, for free! Awww, how sweet of her! The instant she handled it to me, I was smelling the roses non-stop. But, don't get me wrong. As a lady, I have been receiving roses too. But that day was memorable. I was like a child who was smelling roses for the first time! And, as a memorabilia, I took some shots of the roses.

And placed it next to Sto. Nino and Sacred Heart of Jesus...

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